Best Gifts Under $40 | A Gift Guide

Your holiday shopping list is miles long with people who deserve great gifts. Here’s a list of the best gifts under $40 to make them smile this holiday season. 

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For the host


If you’re attending some killer holiday parties this year, chances are you know the type. They’re planners who love a good spread and complete their parties with charcuterie. Give them a cheese board they can be proud of! At only $25, this cherry cheese board comes with free shipping!



For the writer


They’re always journaling lasts night’s dream or jotting down ideas for their next short story. Whether they’re the next Stephen King or Rupi Kaur, every storyteller needs a solid notebook. Give them the perfect leather-bound journal for just $26.95. Maybe they’ll make you the hero of their next story!


For the coffee snob


For the coffee lover judging your Starbucks PSL (that’s pumpkin-spiced-latte), give this personalized coffee set. Starting at $26.74, this set comes with a personalized coffee scoop, tamper, spoon and bag sealer. You can also add on a bag of locally-roasted, Fairtrade coffee and stay within budget! Handcrafted to perfection for the coffee lover in your life. 


For the crafter


For the serial hobbyist of various arts and crafts, give them the opportunity to learn the near-forgotten skill of bookbinding! At just $24, this kit includes every tool needed to bind their first book! 

For literally everyone you love…

If they have feet, they’ll love this. Send a personalized gift experience from Sock Club straight to your loved one’s door. Each month, they’ll receive a new sock design and personalized message from you! A three-month Sock Club subscription is only $36. A steal for a gift that keeps on giving for months after the holidays are over. 

How did you like this gift guide for this holiday’s best gifts under $40? Comment your favorite affordable find!

Nov 22, 2019
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