The Best Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers | A Gift Guide

Looking for the best gifts for pets and pet lovers? For the furriest of friends and their owners, here’s a pet-approved gift guide for the holidays!

best gifts for pets and pet lovers pretty girl custom personalized face socks christmas golden doodle henry cute puppy


Sweater weather for doge

This chic pull-over will keep your pup warm and have you melting. Down to the yarn itself, it’s a 100% hand-knit and befitting a royal corgi in the Queen’s court, but you can have it for just $24!  This Frenchie slays in his Gucci-esque pullover. 

best gifts for pets and pet lovers frenchie bulldog gucci sweater


Pet embroidery!

Memorialize your pet with a personalized pet embroidery portrait! Celebrate all of their cute little characteristics in a beautiful embroidery piece. You can choose the fabric and even add their name to the piece. Price can range from $150-$250. 

best gifts for pets and pet lovers cat embroidery callie vines pink background


Friendship collar and bracelet

It’s cuffing season, so cuff your lil’ buddy with a pretty new collar and matching bracelet for you. This one can be bought for cats or dogs as it ranges in sizes and costs $35. You’ll be the chicest pair at any dog park or scratching post!

best gifts for pets and pet lovers green collar matching bracelet pet human gold buckleWatercolor portrait

Pets aren’t just pets. They’re family and they deserve to have their pictures hung around their home so they know they’re loved. Snag a custom watercolor and illustrated pet portrait for just $55. We love this Watercolor/illustration and your animal-lover will too!

best gifts for pets and pet lovers watercolor illustration bird peach branches pretty

Personalized animal face socks

Give the cat-dad’s and dog-mom’s the perfect gift. Put their furry baby’s faces on the coziest of wearables — socks! They’ll have the cutest and warmest toes this holiday season. Check out Design Lab by Sock Club and create a personalized pair of quality-knit socks perfect for that animal lover in your life.

blue dog socks custom face socks golden doodle cute puppy dog henry
Did you enjoy this list of best gifts for pets and pet lovers? Comment below your favorite furry friend’s name!

Nov 22, 2019
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