Unboxing: The Glitch

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“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” – Steve Jobs

Here at Sock Club, we have always pushed ourselves to build systems that help us make better socks, run more efficiently, and provide better service. Lately, we have been investing a lot of effort into improving our technology. That can be frustrating at times, since we are people, not computers, but it makes the wins that much sweeter when we get there together. Your September sock, The Glitch, is inspired by the hardware that makes up computers, and is made by the people who use those computers to bring you great socks, and even better service.

Glitch September 2018 Sock of the Month
Glitch September 2018 Sock of the Month
Glitch September 2018 Sock of the Month

Since our September sock of the month was inspired by technology, and really looks like Pacman to us, we took our new socks to the arcade for some old school fun. A big thanks to Pinballz in Austin for a great night out!

Sep 4, 2018
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