Unboxing The Classic

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“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” – Meister Eckhart

This month marks Sock Club’s seventh anniversary, and we’ve been reflecting on how we’ve grown in the past year. Since last July, our staff has almost doubled in size, and we couldn’t be more excited to show you everything that we’ve been working on with our new team members.

This idea of new beginnings inspired The Classic, our sock this month. Houndstooth is a pattern that has been in use since the early 1800s, but has led many different lives. Famously gracing English hunting gear, high fashion tweed suits, and loose-fitting chef pants, this is a pattern that has had many fresh starts. We hope that this month’s sock reminds you that if you want it, reinvention is right around the corner.

Since we are celebrating Sock Club’s history this month, we decided to shoot this month’s sock at the Sock Club offices. Our lovely models are all current Sock Club staff (including Chibi, or gorgeous dog model).

Account Manager, Katie Vincent, with Chibi, resident cute face.
Designer Caitlin Marr is just as cool as her jeans look.
Account Manager Amber Bazan may be just five feet tall, but she is a powerhouse who led the sales team this quarter!
Haley Archer-McClellan and Josh Joll, two of the developers on the Sock Club team, always have a bunch of complicated code on their screens that totally intimidates the rest of the team.
Production Manager, Katreece Hattaway, and Operations Intern, Michael Hintz, are on the team that makes sure everyone gets their socks on time!
We hung these socks up for a hiring event we had, and loved it so much that we couldn’t take them down! 🙂

Jul 7, 2019
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