Custom Socks Review: Shadowhunters

One of the many ways that our clients use our custom socks is to give them out as gifts. A few times a year, we get to go all Hollywood and get to make custom socks as gifts for the cast and crew of different film and television projects. John Rakich from the Locations Department of Shadowhunters on Freeform TV recently made some custom socks as a gift for the rest of the crew. He answered some questions about his experience working with Sock Club, and shared some photos from people sporting our socks.

How did you find out about Sock Club?

I was searching Google for custom sock manufacturers.

What was the reason that you chose us?

After looking at various companies and their websites, its was the gallery of your previous work and its level of detail and craftsmanship, and the fact that your products were not only made in the US but from locally sourced cotton struck a cord with me.

What were you afraid of before doing business with us and how did we ease that worry?

Yes, at first. You never know who you’re dealing with via a website and being outside of the US in Canada there’s always a little apprehension with the distance.

But after speaking with your people and the samples of your work that you sent up that really made a difference in establishing a rapport and making me feel better about my decision to choosing Sock Club.

Can you think of a word or phrase that best describes your relationship with us? Why that particular word or phrase?

Helpful, because from the start to getting my shipment that’s what you guys were. I mean just the help in the design aspect alone was phenomenal, being able to bounce ideas back and forth until the perfect choices were made.

What specific feature did you like most about this product?

Juts the full level of control in the creative process so you can get exactly what you want done.

How do custom socks rate as a marketing/branding piece compared to other marketing/branding pieces that you have used?

Well I was trying to come up with a unique gift for the cast and crew of the television series I work on and we’ve done hats, shirts and coats but I though socks would be something totally out of the box and unique and the reaction from everyone was amazing.

If someone called you and said “Why should I do business with Sock Club”, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to get in touch with you without hesitation and that Sock Club should be their only choice.

If you would like your own pair of custom socks for your business, please email us at, call us at (512) 981-6437, or visit

Chloe Ayres

Marketing Manager Jan 10, 2018
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