Sock Club Valentine’s Day Love Stories

We have all been there – just trying to get through January and all of the post-holiday craziness, only to remember that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we are responsible for wow-ing our loved ones with yet another perfect gift. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but they only last a couple of days (or, in the life cycle of chocolate in the Sock Club office, a couple of hours). Jewelry is hit or miss (trust us – she does not want one of those weird Jane Seymour heart necklaces), and cheap boxers with cupid on them are only going to be used on laundry day (NOT the sexiest occasion).

Sock Club is here to give some lasting love this Valentine’s Day! Not only is it a gift that your loved one will use, but it is a monthly reminder that you care. Update your gift message each month to one of your favorite love poems or a different reason that you love them for an extra special touch.

We could go on and on about why Sock Club is the perfect Valentine’s gift, but you don’t want to hear it from us. We have collected some of our favorite reviews, or “love stories”, from people who have gifted a Sock Club subscription to their loved ones.

Valentines Gift For Him
“My husband is very happy with his first pair! Great design, great quality. Thanks for making me look like a great gift giver!”
– SheilaFerlet
“Got the 6 month subscription for my husband as a valentines gift. All his co-workers loved his first pair. He looks forward to more coming in the mail every month!”
“My husband received his first pair of socks on March 2nd. I was nervous he would be put off by the bold colors and patterns, but he LOVED them! This is the best, most practical (and fun) gift I’ve ever given him. I’ll be getting the year long subscription when my current ‘script runs out. 🙂 Thanks!”

Valentines Gift For Her

“I am glad I found out about you guys. I got my wife a “membership” for part of her Valentine’s Day presents and she loves the idea! She has only received one pair so far, but absolutely loves them. I will be renewing when “membership” ends.”
“Can’t believe my wife was so excited about getting a subscription for socks every month. This is a great investment in marital happiness.”
“Ordered these socks as a Valentine’s gift or my daughter in college. She LOVED them! Very unique and good quality.”

Valentines Gift for you
“I’m both a recipient and a gifter of the sock club and I relish each role. I love the socks. I love the thought that goes into establishing a theme for each month, then creating a sock that pays a distinct homage to that theme without being campy. And your customer service is so understanding, tactful, and generous. I was so excited to receive a recent pair of socks that I tore a hole in them, which not even a thing I realized I could do. Without pause, you replaced my socks, even knowing that I had caused this hole because of the sheer joy of having received them. So, I love being part of the club. Thanks!”
“Nothing can describe the thrill of coming home to find a pair of high quality awaiting you. I am not being facetious! More than once I came home from work after a tiring day at work feeling a little grumpy to find a beautiful pair of socks and be immediately lifted. Will be signing up again soon!”
“I love them they’re great and pure I need more pls”

Order your Valentine’s Day gift for him, her, or YOU now on our website. Have questions about how the process works, or need help crafting the perfect gift message? Our customer service team is here to help! Email us at or call us at 512-981-6437.

Chloe Ayres

Marketing Manager Jan 30, 2018
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